Traffic Sculpting Basics for Google Ads

Copywriting and Ad Management need to go hand-in-hand. Like grilled cheese and tomato soup… They’re just not as good on their own. They fit together in a lot of ways, but here we’re specifically talking about segmentation and traffic sculpting. Segmentation (aka message matching): If you don’t already know: Segmentation is dividing up different audiencesContinue reading “Traffic Sculpting Basics for Google Ads”

Listen to Your Audience – NO MORE DEATH BINDERS

Ditch the “death binders” and learn why listening to your customer can turn a profit. It did for Hamburger Helper in 2004: an 11% increase in sales after a decade of loss.   In 2004 Hamburger Helper was floundering. They were coming out of a decade-long slump, teetering on the edge of irrelevancy. That’s whenContinue reading “Listen to Your Audience – NO MORE DEATH BINDERS”

Google Ads Targeting Options are Being Removed?! Playing to the lowest common denominator by removing options that are important to specific industries – that’s my take on this. So, when you’re putting a campaign together you can choose where you want it to be shown geographically. Obvious so far, right? Now, you have five settings to pick from regarding that targeting,Continue reading “Google Ads Targeting Options are Being Removed?!”

How to Measure Traditional Media Advertising Results

At the end of the day the goal of all advertising is to make more money back than you spend by earning customers who want to work with you now, and in the future. If the work you’re doing, or money you’re paying, isn’t accomplishing that in some measurable way, it’s not worth it. ButContinue reading “How to Measure Traditional Media Advertising Results”