Privacy Policy

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

In light of the upcoming changes from Google in both how Google Analytics functions, and the removal of 3rd party cookies from the Chrome Browser, we’ve made the decision to not use 3rd party cookies on our website.

So – keeping things simple, there’s nothing for you to agree to here. 

The Information we Do collect

The only information we collect is that which you provide voluntarily when filling out a contact form.


This includes:


  • Your Name

  • Your Email

  • A description of your business, it’s location, and the services you are looking to promote

  • Your business growth goals

  • Any obstacles you see which need to be overcome to reach your growth goals

  • What “solutions” you have tried using in the past to reach your goals

  • Your estimated budget (This is to ensure that we can find the most valuable allocation for your budget, even if that includes recommending services not provided by Strongarm Digital Marketing, such as website building.

All of this information is kept private and confidential. It is NOT provided to any third party.

We use this information to know who we are talking to, and to prepare the appropriate resources and recommendations for your situation.