Filtering Out Bad Leads

I’m thinking of ways to filter out bad leads, while catching skimmers, on the landing page I’m building for myself right now.

Just an extra fold (segment of the landing page roughly a screens’ height in length) where I can tell people who I can’t help, that I won’t waste my time, or their money, working with them.

It’s a useful filter to protect my time from being scheduled by “leads” who I can’t do anything for, and for that, can’t earn anything from.

This takes different forms for different businesses.

Another example, wedding photographer I work with and consult – his packages start at $5,000 – on all of our ads, we make sure to include that “packages start at $5,000.”

The point of that copy is to prevent him from having discovery calls booked with people who he clearly can’t profit from working with – say, someone on the far side of the state who is looking for an HS student, only charging $500. 

It’s not 100% effective, but it does cut down on the time you spend talking to people who are not qualified leads.

filtering leads out who don’t qualify

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