If you need to share access to your google tag manager account, you’re going to start here in your normal overview.

You’re going to go into the top left to see workspace versions and admin.

We’re going to click on admin.

Show where the admin button is in the GTM interface

From here, you can select user management.

Click "User Management"

(If you have multiple GTM containers you may need to repeat the following steps, but start by clicking on the “user management” button found on the right side column instead.)

There, you see my account and now you’re going to click onto the blue plus sign top right.

Click the Blue Plus In Google Tag Manager

Click add users. From here, enter their email address.

Where to type users' email address, and button to invite them

Now choose what access level they’re going to be given and click “invite” in the top right corner.

An email is then sent to their account. Once they accept the invite, they have access, and you’re set.